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Key Stage 3 - Overview

Our KS3 tuition course offers comprehensive preparation in Maths, Science and English. The tuition course is designed and delivered by subject-specialists with a view to delivering top-quartile results across the KS3 national curriculum range.  Students are initially enrolled on to an Intermediate level course, which once passed, precedes an Advanced level programme.


Many of the graduates from our Advanced level tuition course for KS3 go on to sit GCSEs early and obtain excellent results! 


Key Features

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2 Hours Per Subject

4-5 Kids Per Table

Average Finishing Grade of 4-6

Our KS3 tuition course allows students to achieve fluency, reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems within the English, Mathematics and Science syllabus. This content-based preparation is enhanced with regular mocks and tests which refine our students’ proficiency in exam technique and performance. 


Key Outcomes

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Top Quartile SATs Placement Preparation

Intermediate & Advanced Course Offered To All Students

Regular Mock Examinations & Detailed Follow-Up

One-To-One Support, Where Appropriate

Comprehensive Exam Format And Exam Condition Preparation

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