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11+ - Overview

Our 11+ tuition course prepares students for Verbal Activity, Non-verbal Reasoning, Maths & English (CEM/GL Assessment) 11+ examinations for Bucks, Berks & all other grammar schools in the Greater London area. We maintain a very limited number of 11+ students as our methodology for this course is to ensure smaller classes and a very focused approach to teaching 11+ ; this is how we achieve our industry-leading pass rates.


Please book as soon as possible as our 11+ course sells out very early in the academic year. 


Key Features

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4 Hours 

4-5 Kids Per Table

Average Finishing Grade of 85%


Our 11+ tuition covers all necessary aspects of study for GL Assessment (Granada Learning) and CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring) 11+ examinations. There are two 11+ tuition courses offered; 11+ Fundamentals for Year 3-4, and Advanced 11+ for Year 5 students. Both of the tuition courses are structured as follows:


  • Phase 1 – 11 Weeks of Core Content Preparation (Intermediate)

  • Phase 2 – 11 Weeks of Core Content Preparation (Advanced)

  • Phase 3 – 6 Weeks of Comprehensive Examination Practice 

Once the tuition course is complete, students will be very well positioned to pass their assessments, and will be extensively prepared for Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English examinations in the independent sector.

Key Outcomes

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Top Quartile SATs Placement Preparation

Intermediate & Advanced Course Offered To All Students

Regular Mock Examinations & Detailed Follow-Up

One-To-One Support, Where Appropriate

Comprehensive Exam Format And Exam Condition Preparation

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