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The Learning Labs X Brent Council Initiative

In its 20+ year journey of innovating education, Learning Labs Tuition has launched a key initiative in teaming with Brent Council to help refugee learners. This collaboration, a testament to Learning Labs team’s dedication to giving back to the community, arrives at a critical time when the need to support young refugees is greater than ever due to increasing educational disparities and mental health issues caused by their displacement and trauma. As a unique tuition provider attuned to its community’s struggles, Learning Labs is a standout in London for its active and sincere commitment to fostering an inclusive and collaborative learning environment for all. 


At the heart of the team’s vision is the deliberate selection of diverse tutors, hand-picked to resonate with the refugees’ backgrounds, bringing both intellect and creativity into to their teaching. This careful curation guarantees that the learning environment, thoughtfully situated in the heart of Wembley within a welcoming church, is not just academically enriching but culturally sensitive. This promotes a strong sense of belonging, essential for the refugees’ academic achievement and emotional well-being. In this vein of connection, the mentors integrate various languages, such as Arabic, to ease the refugees into learning English and make the learning process engaging by connecting with them in a familiar context. Celebrating small wins - be it mastering a new word, achieving high marks, or, simply, showing up to class regularly - are treated as milestones, celebrated with enthusiasm and even specific prizes. At the end of a fun but challenging English and Maths lesson, KS2 mentor, Mrs Amani, rewarded her student with her favourite activity - writing a creative story which they’d go on to beautifully dictate to the entire classroom of mentors and mentees. Each of these victories are recognised and celebrated in a way only an enriching and sensitive environment like at Learning Labs’ can, with each recognition carefully chosen to reinforce each student’s sense of progress and success.


Amidst such a supportive environment, the centre enhances its communal sprit through the celebration of significant events integral to the refugee’s identities such as Eid and Ramadan, fostering an even deeper sense of belonging and community. It’s no surprise, then, that its students eagerly and ebulliently participate in them, sharing their favourite foods, toys and games to share their lives and love of learning with each other. Integrating these celebrations into academic life not only enriches the refugees’ education but also adds an unmistakable energy and buzz into their learning spaces, illustrating Learning Labs’ commitment to a well-rounded approach that nurtures both academic prowess as well as a strong, supportive community that celebrates its identity and unity.


In line with this holistic approach, Learning Labs recognises the importance of guiding these refugees, many from low-income families, towards positive higher education and career prospects, extending well beyond mere academic assistance. Regular discussions between tutors, managers, and students about future paths boosts confidence and ambition positions Learning Labs’ initiative as more than just a straightforward educational endeavour, but a robust mentorship program. And that’s the remarkable part - the folks at Learning Labs are not interested in just making a temporary difference for a single academic year but committing to support students throughout their educational journeys, ensuring long-term progress. As such, the parents here feel immensely reassured, especially as the team at Learning Labs continues to expand in North-West London. The reliability and hopefulness from parents affirm Learning Labs’ thoroughly effective model of not just teaching but truly empowering students and their families. 


Naturally, the centre carries with it a myriad of success stories - from students who’ve fluently mastered English or tackled algebra to those who’ve found their voice and confidence after feeling empowered by their mentors. With each learner’s success story, Learning Labs reaffirms their commitment to growth, innovation and inclusivity. That not only makes them a magnificent tuition service, but part of the lifeblood of the community it serves, continually proving its mission’s strength lies in its ability to, always, engage, empower, and educate. 

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