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Learning Labs Gets Invited To Parliament!

On the 4th of July 2022, the Learning Labs Wembley team and our most high-achieving Year 6 Learning Labs were invited to Parliament! It was a monumental moment in Learning Lab's history to be recognized for its hard work with our local students and also our commitment to ensuring all students are able to progress in education. Our dedicated staff was also able to experience this undeniably incredible opportunity presented by Barry Gardiner. This opportunity was organized by the Wembley Centre Manager Sum! He has a background in Politics and International Relations and has been dedicated to his amazing Wembley Centre. He and Barry were able to ensure this opportunity not only to recognize the amazing staff but also our high-achieving students!

Our local North Brent MP Barry Gardiner extended this personal invite to the House of Commons and gave our team and student an unforgivable day! He has been a Member of Parliament for 25 years and one of the Labour party's most established politicians! He had invited us to the House of Commons after hearing about our fantastic work with our students who are predominantly from ethnic backgrounds!

The day included a tour across every part of Parliament with our students exposed to the history of Parliament! Barry took the team and our students through the House of Commons where they were taken through the history of the political discussions that took place in that very room! He showed us the House of Lords which was decorated with history and many other historical elements in the chamber. We were also taken through Queen Victoria’s very own throne room and Barry told us about what she would be doing day to day!

He concluded the trip by going through the importance of politics and how it influences us no matter what field we are in. Our students were extremely grateful for the opportunity Barry provided us with and was an extremely insightful day. Furthermore, our mostly ethnic students and staff certainly felt represented after visiting Parliament showing us Barry’s commitment to ensuring every student in Brent has representation no matter what background!

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